Whether you surf or ski or like blondes or brunettes, you are in for a treat!
The authors of Aurora Conspiracy are two very impressive women.

The Authors


Ginger and Christina formed their writing partnership in 2009 after being snowed in while on a ski trip to Vail, Colorado. While enjoying a bottle of vino, they discussed the legend of the alien crash in 1897 in Aurora and asked the question, “What if he lived?”

The rest is history.

Together they took a leap of faith and kicked their corporate jobs to the curb to take their own adventure of a lifetime with the Aurora Conspiracy trilogy.  The freedom and boundary-less adventure in Aurora Conspiracy is a reflection of the freedom they have demanded and achieved in their lives.


Ginger lives in Tampa, Florida where the ocean inspires imagination. She lives with her daughter and a house full of black furry animals. Christina lives in Colorado where the outdoors drives her life and her creativity. She lives with a crazy pup and an 11 year old who is a young writer herself.  Together, this surf and ski team has explored the outer limits of where life could actually take us, and it can't help but open the door to the possibilities of truth, dreams and our own beliefs.

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Ginger & Christina
Meet the Authors!

Meet Ginger and Christina,
learn what inspired them to create these amazing stories, and find out what makes them tick.