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They want to kill us...Only she can save us.

The clock ticks down for 19-year-old Jesse Proctor as she embarks on a quest to discover the truth behind her mother’s disappearance into a windmill 10 years before--the very windmill conspiracy theorists believe an alien met fate with in 1897 in Aurora, Texas. Desperate to find answers, she uncovers an enigma--a dimension portal, which opens the doorway to some of the most mysterious places in the universe including: the Bermuda Triangle, the Pyramids of Giza and Atlantis. Could it also lead her to the love of her life?

After Jesse meets Aurelius, an alien from Planet Erebus, she discovers a secret that will throw her into the middle of an age-old war with the Celphians, who desires to extinguish the hybrid-infested human race. Danger and mayhem await them at every turn. To make matters worse, her mother is being held captive on Planet Celphi. Or is she?

Quest of the Hybrid is the first book in the Aurora Conspiracy Trilogy. 

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Book One is available now!! All of the edits and updates to this journey have been completed, and the book is now available in paperback. Click the book's cover below to read an overview of the book and learn more about it.

Book Two is on it's way and coming soon!!

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Quest of the Hybrid
He survived, and her mother is alive.
Join Jesse's journey to the truth.
Book One
Book 2
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