The story didn't end with a crash...the epic journey began!
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Test your beliefs and know the truth.
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The Farm
The Farm
This is where is all began and it holds clues to the entire conspiracy. Explore the farm to look for clues, and be sure to pay particular attention to the barn...
Alien Tombstone
The Legend
This is the basis for the entire Aurora Conspiracy saga...this is where it all began. Learn the fascinating true story that started everything many, many years ago.
Episode 1 - The Crash
The Series
There are currently 3 episodes in Aurora Conspiracy The Series...with more episodes to come.
The Mission
Aurora Conspiracy is centered around a very important and critical mission...
The News
The News
Keep on top of the latest news related to the Aurora Conspiracy, space exploration, UFOs, and more!
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"Great Story" Well deserved five stars - April 26, 2014 by Demelza Carlton
Emily is most definitely one kickass heroine - even riding across the countryside when she wasn't well, to free the man she loves from the US government. She gets a well-deserved five stars, all on her own. A cool little cameo with Jess from the future tantalised me and made me wish I could read more of her story, at just the point where Emily needs her help most. While I really liked Quest of the Hybrid, I think I'm starting to like the prequel series even more - the story doesn't jump locations as much, though it's just as action packed as both Crash Landing and Quest.
"Fascinating" Five stars - April 3, 2014 by Nickinic
This was certainly not what I expected. When I picked up this series, it was Sci-Fi, aliens, blah blah blah. It was free, so I thought to myself, why not delve outside of the normal genres I read and try this one out. I am happy to say that I really enjoyed it. I devoured this whole series in 2 days. Yes, it's very sci-fi, alien conspiracy and what not. But, there's a love story in there. Aurelius is willing to cause the universe to go to war and Earth to be destroyed, for love! I've tried reading Sci-Fi before. The things I don't like are names you can't pronounce or crazy things that just make me roll my eyes. There's nothing like that in this series. I was held captive page by page as the characters bounced around in time, trying to save Earth. There's time travel, space travel and even some people from History that you will recognize. I think that these books are very well written and really make it easy for someone like me to bridge the gap between my typical genre of reading and into something different. I'm so happy I picked these all up and can't wait to read more!

"Fast-paced and entertaining!" Five stars - April 1, 2014 by Greene Earth
What a great, fast-paced science fiction read! My first impression was that the writing was really smooth and the characters feisty and likable right off the bat. The authors did a great job with creating lively characters aimed at the YA readership, but anyone can read the story with pleasure. There are two main story lines, that of Jesse, the young heroine, and that of her brother, James, who tries to keep the family of two together even though Jesse is a handful. Jesse is convinced that her mother is still alive though everything points to the opposite.. There has been some strange "goings-on" at her family farm--lights and strange energies around the farm's windmill. With her best buddy, Marcus, she ends up traveling into a different dimension where she encounters strange creatures and hints that her mom is still alive. They follow the signs only to be separated when Marcus eats a strange fruit that makes him dangerous to her safety. Jesse is transported to yet another dimension (planet) where she meet Aurelius a very old space being of many talents. Chased by people who wants her demise, Jesse has to trust Aurelius and follow him on a space "odyssey" involving the pyramids of Giza and their not-so-dead mummies. But Jesse wants to find out what really happened to her mother. The love story between Jesse and Marcus is deftly handled, and the love of her brother and the space alien Athena adds more dimension and questions on how everything could fall into place for a happy ending.. Jesse proves herself to be every bit of the strong heroine who manages through all sorts of difficulties in the most unlikely places, like the Bermuda Triangle, to turn everything around. Never a boring moment!
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Who created such an amazing story?
Creative team "Surf-n-Ski". Two authors from two different parts of the country. There is definitely a story to be told!
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